S12 - Symposium 12

The growth history may be characterized by a continual transition from immaturity to maturity, or may involve a number of periods punctuated by rapid change from one stage to another.

Depending upon the life history of an organism, hormones may play different roles, the molecular pathways associated with growth, development and many of the hormones system, such as growth hormone in human represent highly derived variants from a hormone lineage that is much older.

Growth hormone is released from somato tropes of the pituitary gland and is under stimulatory control by growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), and under inhibitory regulation by somato station. Growth hormone release anti blood stream, exerts its effects on a number of target organs including muscle, bone, adipose and liver, physiologically bone and muscle growth by a stimulation of amino acid transport, and increased protein synthesis.

The basic research laserpuncture using 635 nm semiconductor have an effect on histological changes in adolescent rats, but statistically are not significant. the ratio epiphysial plate/chondrocyt hypentrophy on GV 20 is lower than control, whereas the ratio epiphysial plate/chondrocyt hypentrophy in ST 36 and GV 20 + ST 36 are higher than control.

Acupuncture stimulation increasing of height based on growth line bone and muscle investigated in 55 patients with short stature. All patients were diagnosed on the basis bone growth area by radiologist examination (distal radius), and the treatment model is acupuncture stimulation in some acupuncture points, LI 4, LI 11, ST 36, KI 3, LV 3 three times a week, complete course being constituted by 12 sessions and patients was treated with two/three course with one week interval. The following parameters in body height and body weight.

Conclusion: Acupuncture is ones of the techniques to stimulate the growth of the body is gaining to height optimal, safe, inexpensive and expect effective and efficient.